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Download our free app which enables you and your friends to purchase drinks and snacks directly from your phone. We will send you a notification when your order is ready for collection. It's the smart way to order!

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About FillMeApp

FillMeApp was established in 2018. We are passionate about enhancing a patron’s experience at hospitality venues. FillMeApp is new to the market and has already received a lot of interest ahead of it's launch in late 2018.

The team at FillMeApp identified a need to streamline the ordering & delivery of hospitality in the beverage industry. The app enables a customer to order drinks and snacks and collect them once they are ready, avoiding lengthy queues. It helps a venue speed up the drink delivery process and gives the customers a more relaxed and satisfying experience.

How it works

The app is simple to use and has a seamless order experience.

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Venue benefits

We believe that FillMeApp will transform your business, here are a few reasons why.

Increased Turnover

Reduced queuing will result in an increase in orders and turnover! Consumers will pay more for convenience when it comes to their food & drink, according to Lux Research.

Staff Efficiency

Your staff will spend less time taking orders and processing transactions over the bar, resulting in increased staff efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

Manage your products directly within the app, receive notifications when a new order is placed and manage order status all in one simple interface!

It's FREE!

FillMeApp will not charge you to use our service, all you pay is the card transaction charges, as you do when taking card payments today!

Customer benefits

FillMeApp is the smart way to order drinks and snacks, here are a few reasons why.

Avoid Queues

Less time queuing means more time socialising with friends. A huge amount of your time is spent queuing at bars and other food establishments!

Secure Payment

Your payment is 100% secure! Our payment partner handle all financial transactions on our behalf and your details are never compromised.

It's FREE!

You can download FillMeApp for free on the app and play store! You will be charged a small admin fee for each order you place through the app.